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(Video) Navigating Relationships After A Mormon Faith Crisis/Transition

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Today's blog post is a little different than usual. A couple weekends ago, I spoke at a THRIVE event in Ogden, UT. "Thrive beyond religion" frequently organizes events in various states, cities, and countries to help Mormons who are leaving the LDS church, have left the church, or are nuanced in their views about Mormonism. At this year's event in Ogden, UT, I presented on navigating relationships after a faith transition/crisis. Topics I addressed include ways of opening up to others about a faith transition (e.g. how, when, where), understanding the impact of closeness in relationships, boundary setting, and recognizing the things that are in and out of your control. At the end, I also answered a few questions from the audience. Below, is the video:

If you want to explore more resources related to Mormon faith transitions, navigating relationships, or need help in finding a post-Mormon community, check out the following resources:

Below is also an excellent article about thriving after leaving religion (not Mormonism specific).

I Need Help, What Can I do?

If you feel overwhelmed and need additional support with a faith transition and navigating your relationships, feel free to reach out. I am a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology. I specialize in helping individuals navigate faith transitions and religious trauma, and in navigating relationship issues. I have helped numerous individuals navigate opening up to their families about leaving Mormonism and in navigating mixed faith marriages.

You can contact me by calling/texting (385) 200-0204 or emailing to get started. You can also schedule a free 15-minute consult here. If no timeslot appears through the link, then I likely have a waitlist. Call/text/email instead.

I can work with clients in over 40 PSYPACT participating states.


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