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Religious Trauma Therapy

Is Religious Trauma a Silent Shadow in Your Daily Life?

Are you haunted by current or past religious experiences? Do memories of judgment, guilt, abuse, or indoctrination linger, affecting your sense of self-worth and well-being? When thoughts of religious experiences trigger anxiety or distress, it can feel like an endless cycle of emotional turmoil.

Religious trauma can involve layers of conditioning that may have shaped your identity and worldview, or it can resurface thoughts and feelings related to spiritual abuse. You might experience a lack of purpose or identity, struggle with self-acceptance, have difficulties navigating relationships, or might suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, guilt, and shame.

But there is hope! Therapy can provide a safe space to explore, heal, and reclaim your autonomy. If you want to learn how to rewrite the painful narratives that have been shaped by trauma and embrace freedom from past pain, keep reading!

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What is Religious Trauma?

Religious trauma refers to distressing experiences you may face within your religion. You might have experienced abuse within a church setting. Maybe you even faced dismissal or invalidation within your church community after disclosing abuse. Maybe you suffer from trauma because of the continual exposure to harmful religious teachings; especially teachings that undermine your sense of self and identity.

For many, the pressure to conform to religious mandates can exacerbate the trauma, leading to situations where you feel coerced into tolerating abuse to preserve your religious community or uphold familial expectations. This can can lead to remaining in abusive marriages or feeling pressured into silence to protect the reputation of your religious institution.

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Whether you resonate with one or several of the symptoms listed above, it's essential to recognize that you are not alone in your journey. Understanding your religious trauma is the first step toward healing and reclaiming agency. Talking through your experience in a non-judgmental environment, exploring options for moving forward, and gaining new perspectives can be immensely helpful.

Religious Trauma Symptoms

Trust Issues

Sexual Shame



Emotional Numbness

Guilt & Shame

Lack of Boundaries

Identity Issues


Mistrust in Self

How Can Religious Trauma Therapy Help?


Learn Coping Skills

Therapy will equip you with practical coping strategies to navigate triggers and manage distressing emotions. Learn to increase your resilience and thrive.


Discover Yourself

In therapy, you can be yourself without judgment! We'll explore your trauma and beliefs impartially to foster self-discovery and healing.


Reclaim Agency

You will experience sincere validation of your experiences, empowering you to reclaim agency over your life, trust yourself, and set boundaries.


Heal Trauma Symptoms

Through trauma informed techniques from ACT, CBT, and CPT, you'll have fewer flashbacks, nightmares, and other PTSD symptoms.


Find New Perspectives

Therapy will challenge rigid beliefs and allow you to consider alternative perspectives. You will cultivate self compassion and healthier views of yourself, others, and the world.


Integrate Your Trauma Story

Therapy helps you integrate your religious trauma into your life story. You will cultivate resilience, understand yourself, and experience personal transformation.

Reach out for Therapy Today!

As a secular psychologist specializing in supporting individuals through religious trauma, I understand the unique challenges and complexities you may be facing. During our very first session, I will help you feel better and optimistic about the future.

Remember, seeking therapy for religious trauma is a courageous step towards reclaiming your sense of self and finding healing and liberation from past pain. Booking a therapy session today might be the hardest, yet best decision you can make at this time. You can heal! You can feel better again!

To get started, email, call/text 385-200-0204, or schedule a free 15 minute consult.

I can work with clients in over 40 PSYPACT participating states.

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