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Step Into Wellness: How Walk and Talk Therapy Can Help You Move Forward

Updated: Apr 18

Have you ever wanted to meet outdoors for your therapy sessions instead of being stuck in an office or at home for a telehealth visit? I love doing therapy while being in nature! So lets talk about Walk and Talk Therapy or Nature based therapy.

Walking outdoors in nature; walk and talk therapy; nature therapy

What Is Walk & Talk Therapy?

As the name suggests, it is a therapy session that takes place while walking outdoors. That being said, if you are uncomfortable walking or unable to walk, we can also find an alternative, such as sitting by a bench while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery. Walk and Talk therapy is a fantastic alternative to traditional therapy sessions that take place in an office. Instead of sitting across from me in a room, we get to talk as we go!

What Are The Benefits Of Walk & Talk Therapy?

But it is not just the exercise that makes Walk and Talk Therapy so special. There is something about being outdoors and surrounded by nature that can be incredibly therapeutic. It is a peaceful and calming environment that can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Not to mention, walking side by side can create a sense of equality and partnership that can be difficult to achieve in an office setting. The movement and fresh air can also help with creativity and problem-solving, making Walk and Talk Therapy an effective approach for a variety of concerns.

But I Am Not Very Fit! Can I still Do Walk & Talk Therapy?

Absolutely! You are not the only one worried about not being very fit or being worried about walking and talking at the same time. I promise we will go at your pace and we can take breaks as needed. If walking is not your thing, we can find an alternative location or approach that suits you better.

How Do I Get Started?

If you're ready to experience the benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy in Utah County, I'm here to help! I offer Walk and Talk sessions in Spanish Fork, Springville, Mapleton, and Provo. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, professional issues, relationship trauma, life transitions, religious trauma, a faith crisis, or just need someone to talk to, let's take a walk and work through it together! To get started, simply give me a call or text at 385-200-0204, or shoot me an email at You can also read more about my Walk & Talk services under Services & Fees or by visiting my FAQs and selecting "Walk and Talk Sessions" above the first question.

Additionally, you have the option to schedule a free 15-minute consult here. If no timeslot appears through the link, then I likely have a waitlist. Call/text/email instead.


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