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Services at a Glance

Online Therapy

Looking for a flexible individual therapy treatment option? Get the support you need, when and where you need it.

Walk and Talk


Prefer outdoor therapy or coaching? Let's walk and talk for a fresh perspective.

Springville, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Provo

Faith Transition Coaching

Questioning your beliefs? Find your own path with coaching tailored to your experiences and relationships.

Note: Telehealth is available to adults in Utah, Washington, and PSYPACT participating states. Click here for an up to date list of PSYPACT states.

Thrive in your Life with evidence based therapy and coaching by TruU Psychology

Live Authentic & Live Fulfilled

Mental Health Services in Utah, Washington, and PSYPACT States

Finding your true self can be difficult, but it's one of the most rewarding experiences.

Channel Your Drive

Being driven comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Learn to use your passions to foster well-being. We can work on:

Claim Authenticity

In a world with so many expectations, it's easy to lose yourself. Reconnect with yourself and navigate life with integrity and confidence. I can help with:

Foster Healthy Relationships

Relationships can be the greatest source of comfort and the greatest source of pain. Learn to foster healthy connections. Get help with:

Dominic Schmuck, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Dominic Schmuck, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist


Treatment Approach

Who is Not a Good Fit?

Who is Likely a Good Fit?


Specialty Areas

Therapy for driven professionals

Therapy for Professionals

Secular therapy for Religious Trauma and Faith Transitions

Religious Trauma & Transitions

Therapy and counseling for life transitions, such as post-divorce recovery or identity exploration

Life Transitions

Relationship issues therapy; difficult relationship therapy; navigating relationships counseling

Relationship Issues & Trauma

Spiritual crisis counseling; counseling for spiritual doubts; religious loss therapy; religious trauma therapy; thrive

Get Started on Your

Healing Journey

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